Reasons You Should Go Beach Camping

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Beach camping is different from traditional camping in the woods. The biggest difference is you are camping on a beach instead of a forest.
There are many spots in the world where camping on a beach and the woods is possible because of the geography of the place, but beach camping is mainly about camping on a beach that is not in the woods.

Great Reasons to go Beach Camping

  • The View – Lakes, rivers, oceans, and anywhere you can find a beach has water. There is something about bodies of water that are beautiful by nature. One thing you can be assured of is that the air will be crisp and the breeze constant. There will always be a calming feeling you get around the water when you are on the beach and the views are wonderful.
  • The Terrain – Finding a flat place to put your tent up is not a hassle on a beach. You don’t have to clear land or find a remote place that has a clearing. Beach is usually flat or slanted with sand or thin dirt. Just make sure that if you are on a beach that is on the ocean or a large body of water, you are far enough away to avoid the tide rising.
  • Fishing – The fishing is all year-long in most cases. If you like to fish, camping on a beach is the right place for you. Fishing during the day or night is possible while staying on a beach.
  • The Crowd – Beach camping has become popular but still not as popular as camping in the woods. There is usually very little competition for these spots so it is better than trying to find a place to camp that is crowded. Also, there are usually no reservations needed.
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Where To Go Beach Camping?

There are so many spots where you can go beach camping. And for that matter, there are so many beaches that you can’t go camping on.

I am going to give you a list of some general areas you can look for so you would be able to find a beach to camp at.

  • Parks – Local and state parks are great places to look for a beach to camp at. These locations have a variety of activities you can do as well as specific spots set up for you to go camping. Also, the biggest perk about these places is they are all about you camping there. It is their purpose. Without you spending money at the parks, they would most likely be shut down. Because of this, you will find the area more apt to support your camping needs.
  • Resorts – There are resorts that allow you to go camping on the beach. If this is something that interests you, simply go to the website of the place you are going to and search for beach camping and see if they have it. If you cannot find anything on their site, it does not mean they don’t allow it. It could mean that they simply do not have a lot of people who do it and did not see a reason to post anything about it. All you have to do is call and ask.
  • Cruises – You wouldn’t think going on a cruise would call for camping on a beach. Depending on your cruise and the time frame you chose, you could have a stay overnight somewhere. Just make sure that when you pull into port, ask the front desk about places that are safe for you to go beach camping at, and make sure you have all of your equipment.
  • Islands – There are many islands that are small and large that people go beach camping on all the time on. They can be close or far. Once you have decided on where you are going, plan your trip and take all the necessities with you.
  • Local Beaches – This is probably the first place people are going to want to go. A local beach is great but some of them do not allow people to camp overnight. Other beaches do not care. The lifeguards can tell you either way. If there are no lifeguards, and it is public property, there should not be a problem. Just remember to be safe and prepare for any possible outcome.
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If you are thinking about going beach camping, remember to plan out your trip. It is simple enough but most people do not.

If you are looking for some ideas on the right tent for your camping trip, look at picking the right camping tent.

Hope this helps. If you have anything else about beach camping that you would like to share, please post it so we can see it.

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