15 Camping Must Haves For the Best Experience

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Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It can also be a fun family activity. But have you ever forgotten something small but camp essential on a camping trip? It can really put a damper on the experience. To make sure you have the best camping trip possible, we’ve compiled a list of camping must haves. From items to keep you safe and comfortable to things that will make your camping trip more fun, this list has it all. So before you head out into the great outdoors, be sure to pack these camping essentials!

1. High-quality waterproof tent

Camping tent from must haves list for camping

When camping, a good and waterproof tent is a must-have. Not only do you need a tent that will keep you dry and comfortable, but you also need one that is made with high-quality materials. Consider size, weight, and durability when choosing a camping tent. A good tent will last you for many camping trips to come!

2. Sleeping bag

Camping sleeping bag

Of course, you can’t camp without a sleeping bag! When choosing a sleeping bag, it’s important to consider the temperature rating, weight, and type of bag. For example, mummy bags are great for chilly weather but may be too hot for summer camping trips. Synthetic sleeping bags are usually more affordable than down bags, but they don’t insulate as well. Be sure to choose a sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable all night long and add it to your camping must-haves.

3. First aid kit

First aid kit

When camping, it’s important to be prepared for anything. That’s why you should add a first aid kit to your camping must-have list. A good first aid kit should include supplies for minor injuries, such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, and pain relief medication. It’s also important to bring supplies for more serious injuries, such as a splint and a CPR mask. Be sure to pack a first aid kit that is appropriate for the number of people camping with you and the length of your trip.

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4. Camping stove

Camping stove

The food while camping is one of the best parts! A good stove will allow you to cook food and heat drinks while camping. A lightweight stove is perfect for camping trips, as it won’t weigh you down. But on the other hand, if you are camping with family or friends, you might want to consider a more heavy-duty stove that can accommodate multiple pots and pans.

5. Water filter

If you are planning to camp in the wilderness, then it’s important to have a way to filter water. A water filter will remove impurities from water, making it safe to drink. There are many different types of water filters, so be sure to choose one that is appropriate for the number of people camping with you and the length of your trip.

6. Camping chairs

After a long day of hiking, you’ll want to relax in a comfortable camping chair. When choosing a camping chair, it’s important to consider weight, portability, and comfort. A lightweight and portable camping chair is perfect for camping trips. And, if you choose a camping chair with a footrest, you’ll be able to kick back and relax even more!

7. Headlamp

When camping, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in the dark. That’s why it’s important to bring a headlamp with you. A headlamp will allow you to see in the dark, making it easier to do things like setting up your camping tent or cooking dinner.

8. Pocket knife

Pocket knife

A good pocket knife can be used for a variety of tasks, such as slicing meat, opening cans, or carving wood. When choosing a pocket knife, it’s important to consider the size, weight, and type of blade. A small and lightweight pocket knife is perfect for camping trips.

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9. Camping Lantern

Camping lantern

A camping lantern is a great way to light up your campsite. A bright and lightweight camping lantern is perfect for camping trips. And, if you choose a camping lantern with a USB port, you can even charge your devices while camping!

10. Sunscreen


Be sure to pack sunscreen and apply it liberally throughout the day. A good sunscreen should have an SPF of 30 or higher and be water-resistant. And, if you are camping in a sunny location, be sure to pack extra sunscreen and reapply it often.

11. Insect Repellent


Insects can ruin a camping trip if they bite you or make you itch. That’s why it’s important to pack insect repellent and apply it liberally throughout the day. A good insect repellent should be effective against a variety of insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, and flies. Be sure to choose an insect repellent that is appropriate for the location you are camping in and the length of your trip.

12. Cooler

Camping cooler

A good cooler will keep your food and drinks cold, making it easier to cook and stay hydrated while camping. There are 2 types of coolers: hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided coolers are more durable and will keep your food and drinks colder for longer. But they are also heavier and more difficult to transport. Soft-sided coolers are lighter and more portable, but they won’t keep your food and drinks as cold as a hard-sided cooler.

12. A quick-drying towel

Quick drying towel

A good quick-drying towel will absorb water quickly, making it easier to dry yourself off after a swim or a hike. A small and lightweight quick-drying towel is perfect for camping trips.

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13. Insulated mug

Insulated mug

A well-insulated mug will keep your coffee or tea warm, making it easier to start your day off right while camping. A small and lightweight insulated mug is perfect for camping trips.

14. Hammock


A hammock can make camping a lot more comfortable. A good hammock will provide a comfortable place to relax and sleep while camping. Imagine reading a book while gently swaying in the hammock or taking a nap in the middle of nature!

15. Shower bag

Shower bag

If there is no river or lake where you are camping, then you might want to consider bringing a shower bag. A shower bag is a great way to stay clean while camping. And, if you choose a solar-powered shower bag, you can even heat up the water for a hot shower!

Camping can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to come prepared. This camping must haves list will help you make sure you have everything you need for your next camping trip!

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