Camping Essentials for Women [Must take for best experience]

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Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. But if you’re a woman, there are a few things you should know before embarking on your camping trip. For example, what kind of gear do you need? How can you make sure your camping experience is as enjoyable as possible? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll talk about camping essentials for women and share some tips to help make your trip a success. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced camper, be sure to check out our list!

9 camping essentials for women

There are camping items that you should take no matter if you are a woman or a man. In this post, we will focus only on camping essentials for women. Of course, each person has slightly different needs. One person’s solution might not be suitable for another.

1. Feminine hygiene items

Don’t let having a period prevent you from going camping! There is no excuse not to go outside and enjoy nature as long as you feel good. Down bellow are some suggestions so you can decide what is best for you.

Disposable period items

When planning a camping trip, one of the first things most women think about is how they will deal with their period. If you use pads or tampons make sure to pack enough to last your trip.

Important thing is to make sure that all items are properly sealed before disposing of them in a campground toilet or trash can. One option is to use a sealable baggie or container for disposing of pads and tampons. Another option is to pack out all used items in a double-bagged Ziploc bag. Whichever method you choose, make sure to pack out all items when you leave the campsite.

By being prepared and mindful of how you dispose of menstrual products, you can help keep the campsite clean and safe for everyone.

Reusable period items

Menstrual cup is one of the camping essentials for women

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, consider reusable period products.

Probably the most popular reusable period product is a menstrual cup. If you’re used to using tampons or pads, the thought of camping with a menstrual cup may seem daunting.

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But there are a lot of advantages to using a menstrual cup when you’re roughing it in the great outdoors. For one thing, menstrual cups are much more discreet than tampons or pads. They can be tucked away in a small bag and don’t require frequent changes.

Additionally, they don’t generate any waste, which is important when you’re trying to minimize your impact on the environment. And if you’re worried about leaks, most menstrual cups come with a small carrying pouch that can double as a leak-proof storage container. So next time you’re packing for a camping trip, don’t forget to add a menstrual cup to your list of essentials.

2. Women’s urination device

When you’re out camping in the woods, there’s no need to worry about finding a clean and convenient place to take a leak. With a women’s urination device, you can go anywhere, without worrying about making a mess.

These devices are designed to allow women to urinate standing up, without having to remove their clothing. They’re easy to use, and they’re also reusable, so you can use them again and again. Best of all, they’re compact and lightweight, so they won’t take up much space in your backpack.

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or just spending time outdoors, a women’s urination device can be a valuable addition to your gear.

3. Personal hygiene products

When packing for a camping trip, it is important to remember to pack personal hygiene products. Here is the list of items you may need:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes

While these items may seem like common sense, they are often overlooked when packing for a camping trip. By including them on your packing list, you can help ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

4. Female-friendly backpack

Woman with backpack

When camping, it is important to have a backpack that fits well and is comfortable to carry. A good female-friendly backpack will have a narrower waist and shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted to fit a smaller frame.

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Additionally, it is important to choose a backpack with plenty of pockets and compartments to store all of your camping gear. And last but not least, make sure to pick a color and style that you love so that you can enjoy your time outdoors even more!

5. Sunscreen and moisturizer


When packing for a camping trip, there are a few essential items that every woman should bring along. One of the most important is sunscreen. Not only will it protect your skin from harmful UV rays, but it will also help to keep you from getting sunburned.

Another essential item is a good moisturizer. The harsh sun and wind can quickly dry out your skin, so it’s important to have a product that will help to keep your skin hydrated.

Both sunscreen and moisturizer are camping essentials for women and can help to make your camping trip more enjoyable.

6. Dry shampoo

There’s one item that’s often overlooked: dry shampoo. A camping trip can be the perfect opportunity to take a break from your daily hair routine. But let’s face it, not all of us are blessed with perfect camping hair.

That’s where dry shampoo comes in. This handy product can absorb excess oil and help extend the life of your blowout. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your hair looking fresh on your next camping trip, don’t forget to pack the dry shampoo.

7. Bug spray and mosquito repellent

Women usually have softer skin than men, making them more susceptible to mosquito bites. In addition, mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of perfume and lotion, so it’s important to have a bug spray and mosquito repellent.

No one wants to be stuck outdoors with no protection from pesky bugs. The best bug sprays and mosquito repellents will offer long-lasting protection, so you can enjoy your camping trip without any interruptions. Be sure to pack enough for the entire trip, as well as some extra in case of emergencies.

So that’s why we added bug spray and mosquito repellent to the camping essentials for women list! With bug spray and mosquito repellent on hand, you’ll be able to camp with confidence knowing you’re protected from the elements.

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8. Makeup

While camping may not be the most glamorous of activities, there are still some basic makeup essentials that every woman should pack.

First and foremost, sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. A good lip balm is also essential to keep your lips hydrated, especially if you’ll be spending time outdoors. A light foundation or BB cream can help to even out your skin tone and give you a bit of coverage, while a waterproof mascara is ideal for keeping your lashes looking fabulous, even in the heat or humidity.

And finally, don’t forget your favorite perfume or scented body spray – a little dab will help you feel refreshed and smell great, even after a long day of camping. So pack smart and don’t forget your makeup essentials on your next camping trip!

9. First aid kit

A first aid kit is an essential item for everyone to bring when camping. Although most minor injuries can be treated with items from the kit, it’s important to also know how to administer first aid.

Basic knowledge of first aid can mean the difference between a minor injury and a major one. In a worst-case scenario, it could even save a life. The contents of a first aid kit will vary depending on the type of camping you’re doing and the length of your trip.

However, there are some basic items that every kit should include: bandages, sterile gauze, antiseptic wipes, pain relief medication, and insect repellent. With these items on hand, you’ll be prepared to deal with the most common camping injuries.


If you’re like me, and enjoy camping but don’t want to sacrifice any creature comforts, then you’ll need to make sure you have these essentials. By packing these items, you can rest assured that your next camping trip will be a memorable (and comfortable) one!

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